Mixed Media

My first attempt at using Mixed Media to decorate a frame.  I did this to donate it to a fund raiser for the Adult Daycare my husband attended for nearly 3 years.  He had dementia and his going there helped me have some time for me.  He passed away on  October 6, 2014.  I received an invitation to the fundraiser and since it is not in my budget I ask if I could donate some art to the Silent Auction.  I also donated a box of 8 cards I had made.

A friend whose husband attended with mine and I took the items to the Adult Daycare yesterday.  It has been 3 years since my husband has been there and a bit longer since my friends husband attended.  We were shocked when the workers remembered us.  They have several pictures of our husbands on the walls and recalled special things about them.  So happy I could donate something!IMG_2021


4 thoughts on “Mixed Media

  1. Stacy O'Dell

    The frame is absolutely beautiful and I am sure will be appreciated by the silent auction winner, as well as your cards. How nice of you to do this! I am very sorry to hear about your husband; my mother in law passed away on the same day in 2014 and also had dementia. I am sure you are glad you have your creative outlet to spend time on, and you are so talented!


    1. nan0807 Post author

      Thank you very much! So sorry about your mother in law as well! I am grateful to have my creative outlet. I truly enjoy my time spent being creative.



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